About Me. Hi! My name is Jessica Wu Ramirez. I am currently a user experience designer and developer at IBM.

I studied architecture in college but learned programming along the way. I have always had an interest in designing and building things. Being a designer/developer allows me to design software and also develop functional prototypes to prove out designs.

In my free time I do freelance cartoon illustrations.

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Design + Code.

CIOLab Projects

UX Design: Web, Video
Code: CSS, CoffeeScript, Node.js

CIOLab is a group within IBM’s CIO organization dedicated to emerging technologies. I have worked on a variety of different projects and roles in CIOLab, including web development for the ifundIT crowdsourcing platform, UX and visual design for a data center robot website, and informative videos about ifundIT.

iFundIT Website
Data Center Robot Icons
Lock My Laptop video

IBM Notes Traveler

UX Design: iOS and Android
Code: Android

IBM Notes Traveler (now IBM Verse Mobile) is a mobile email app. In addition to working on UX design, I also did UI development and prototyping in Android. I was also responsible for creating the overall vision story for the mobile user experience, which I did as an illustrated “day in the life of” story.

Traveler on Google Play
Traveler on App Store

Draft version of LiPin’s Story

IBM Expertise Mobile App

UX Design: iPhone and Android
Code: iPhone and Android

IBM Expertise is an internal mobile app for finding experts. I worked on early flow wireframes and high-fidelity mockups. I led a small team to define a future vision for the app. I also implemented UI for iPhone and Android.

Screenshot from Android app
Process wireframe

Smatter for SmartCloud

UX Design: iPhone and Android
Code: Android and web

Smatter is a microblogging tool for IBM SmartCloud, a social business platform. I worked on early UX designs for iPhone and Android. I built an Android app which allowed people to view microblog posts for people they followed, comment on posts, follow users, and create a new post with @mentions and photos. I also did web development for the cloud version, which was built using HTML, CSS, and JQuery.

Screenshot from Android app
Initial process sketch


UX Design: Android
Code: Android

PicPuzz was an Android app I built for my son when he was 3 years old and wanted more dinosaur puzzles to play with on my phone. I made it so PicPuzz can load any image from your phone’s SD card and make it into a puzzle.

Screenshot from Android app

IBM Connections Mobile

UX Design: iPhone and Android
Code: Android

Connections Mobile is a social business platform. I worked on UX designs for iPhone and Android and implemented UI pieces for Android. I built an early working prototype of the app for Android to help prove out some early designs and to push for a native implementation over a web hybrid app.

Connections on Google Play
Connections on App Store

Screenshot from Android app

Random Side Projects

UX Design: web
Code: web

There used to be a program in IBM called “Think! Friday”, which gave people the time to innovate on Fridays. We weren’t allowed to schedule meetings on Fridays, which gave us free time to work on side projects or catch up on other things. I’ve always liked the flexibility I had to work on things outside of my job scope, and soon people asked me to help them with things, ranging from Greasemonkey scripts to websites.

Profile Notes Greasemonkey for Connections using HTML5 localStorage
2 Minute Hack project for intranet

Status Updater

Code: Java

This plugin for Notes and Sametime was written shortly after the first release of Lotus Connections (now IBM Connections), with the design help of Marty Moore.

The purpose of this plugin was for viewing and posting Profiles Status Updates on Connections. It was released on OpenNTF.org and shortly after became the basis for the product version of the Status Updates sidebar for Notes.

Screenshot of Status Updater


Book: r2i dreams

Interior illustrations, 2014

r2i dreams on amazon.com

Program for MIT Club of Northern California Spotlight Event


Random Illustrations for IBM


Hello, Monday! A Comic About IBM

Published internally, 2012-2013

More Hello, Monday! on my blog

Illustration for new IBM Fellows


More info on my blog

Book illustration


Corky, My Magical Mutt on Amazon.com

Selection from drawings for Children's Hospital Los Angeles

2006, 2011

Book illustration, "Basic Chinese Speaking Skills for Children"