Internally at the company I work for, we use our own product called Connections for doing social business. What exactly IS social business? Don’t let people catch you saying that Connections is “Facebook for the enterprise”…because I often describe it to non-corporate people that way and it is just frowned upon. Basically, it’s…well…it’s LIKE “Facebook for the enterprise”. Not sure how else to describe it so normal people will understand.

One of the big deals recently inside the company is that our new CEO began using Connections internally to communicate, through blogs and postings on employees’ profile boards. Somehow being CEO of a giant company is like being a famous celebrity…people are afraid to communicate directly with you, but everyone wants to follow your updates and see what you’re doing. But what would it be like if being an upper level executive didn’t mean you were like a celebrity? Part of being a social business is breaking down those hierarchical barriers and bringing everyone to the same table. In theory, of course.


I got my first hate mail today about this comic. It was described as “the lamest and biggest waste of time” in the person’s entire career. I know “haters gonna hate”, but I just think it’s funny that people think they are somehow forced to look at things on the internet and blame others for subjecting them to it.