There’s this woman I see regularly at this place I go, and she is always very grumpy. No, I’m not talking about looking in the mirror, sheesh. This woman is just always bitter, always looking down at people with a stern look of disapproval. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile or laugh with people. But tonight I saw her with a big shopping bag, giving out Valentine’s candy.

I know people have a wide range of emotions, and that people can be stern at times and lighthearted at times, but I just don’t see a person who is always grumpy and barks at people being the same person who is kind and generous enough to prepare and give out Valentines. I guess it’s possible, but I would question a Valentine given by someone who is usually a jerk to me.

Maybe I should think about being the bigger person and becoming kind and generous to those who are rude to me, and maybe that will catch on.

Or maybe not. That’s just not the kind of person I am. 😛

(Thanks to JG for the idea. If you’re wondering about the toenails, read this post.)