I always wanted to do political cartoons, so any chance I get to do something like it, I get excited. The company I work for started this new intranet series last year which featured a monthly internal comic strip. I got the chance to do one for this week.

Every year we have to get “certified” in the company’s “Business Conduct Guidelines”, which basically outline ethical work behaviors that every employee must follow. The course that goes along with it is pretty much the same every year, it goes through the story of a fictional company with fictional employees that are conducting business and unknowingly (or maybe knowingly?) commit some business conduct faux-pas, like gathering info on competitors through personal network channels and promising discounts on products if customers do something in return. After going through the course, it seemed like those unethical behaviors were things that people do all the time anyway, and that’s really the basis of the business world. Maybe to a lesser extent. Something like giving someone you know a job over a stranger who has the same qualifications may not be something that people can outwardly detect (and could be debatable on whether it is unethical or not), but I’m sure happens all the time.