I had a rather interesting email thread go on at work that I wanted to illustrate, but it seemed too boring once I thought it through, so I just decided to draw a picture of what I thought was really happening through email:

Ok, maybe it’s going a bit overboard comparing my situation to the Salem witch trials. But there is a lot that people can do to avoid a situation where it makes one person feel like they are being ganged up on for no reason other than to pass the time. A few pointers:

  1. Before you jump to conclusions, make sure your facts are straight. You don’t want to end up looking like an idiot when the “witch” turns out to be right in the end.
  2. If the “witch” admits wrong-doing or ignorance, it’s not necessary to ask further questions like, “why” or “who told you that”.
  3. Most problems with miscommunication can be easily cleared up with a 2 minute IM or phone call. Dragging something out in an email thread with multiple people cc’ed does not help the situation.